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Estate planning is the creation, preservation and management of family income and assets for the support and security of the family during the lifetime and after the death of the planner.  We plan, prepare, and implement custom estate plans designed to meet the unique needs and objectives of each individual client.  The plans range from the simplest of wills to the most complex of trusts.  Common objectives of estate planning including wealth transfer flexibility, minimization of expenses and taxation, asset protection, incapacity planning, special needs planning, protection of minors, and business succession.  Some of the tools include wills, revocable “living” trusts, irrevocable trusts, health care powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, financial powers of attorney, conservatorship nominations, premarital agreement, spousal agreements, transmutation (community property) agreement, and legal entities.


We supervise the administration and settlement of estates.  We represent personal representatives (executors) in formal court (probate) administrations and we represent trustees in trust administrations.  Since each estate is unique with its own set of challenges and circumstances, we take a comprehensive approach by supervising all aspects of the administration, including making any necessary court appearances, preparing the federal estate tax returns in house, and assist with the transfer of assets.  We advise and counsel trustees of on-going administration including trusts held for the benefit of minors, the incapacitated and the disabled.  The objectives are to fulfill the intent of the planner, to minimize effort, to minimize administrative expenses and to minimize taxation.

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Power of Attorney


We represent guardians, minors, conservators and conservatees, for both the person and estate, in uncontested guardianships and conservators.  We also represent agents under powers of attorney for health care and for finances.

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